1. Landscapes with the quality of being cleverly innovative or resourceful; inventiveness in the outdoor environment
  2. A personal-sized design firm offering planning and design consultation for those who are seeking more from their outdoors

Landgenuity's passion is for creating smarter landscapes; ones that integrate with nature, ones that practically take care of themselves, and where beauty and serenity come standard. 



What Sets Landgenuity Apart

Landgenuity isn’t affiliated with any specific landscape installation contractor. This gives you peace of mind that you will not have an “up-sell” to a more elaborate landscape than you originally planned to have. It also assures your plan will NOT be filled with plants the nursery needs to get rid of quickly. Only the best plants suited for your micro-climate and aesthetic needs will be specified.

With Landgenuity, you don’t just get a garden designer. You get a landscape architect with a master’s level education, professionally licensed and skilled in residential, commercial, government and institutional-sized projects with over 20 years experience in the industry.

I’m also a gardener at home; meaning you will receive a plan that understands the demands put on a homeowner and the value a well-designed, lower maintenance landscape provides.




As owner of Landgenuity, Lara Justesen provides over twenty years of experience and specializes in low maintenance landscapes; parks, playgrounds and facility master planning; natural systems stormwater management; bicycle and pedestrian transportation planning; and complete streets. Contact Lara today for a consultation on your next improvement project.