One Dandelion Trick You’ve Got to Try

Lara with Landgenuity out in the landscape with another pro tip! You’ve seen me demonstrate one of my favorite weeding tools, the P-grip Standing Dutch Diamond Hoe. This is it here in action. It works spectacularly on nearly all weeds and grasses.

The exception? Dandelions. When we slice off the green of a dandelion, the deep tap root regenerates the plant. (Told you they were tough!) So we have to remove the plant, root and all. Enter another of my top three tools, the long-handled DeWit Corkscrew Weeder.

Now I’m a busy gardener, so I don’t like to take time to identify if a suspicious weed is a real dandelion or a dandelion look-alike. Look-alikes include cat’s ear or meadow hawkweed. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a true dandelion when you remove the weed, root and all. The important part is that you’re getting rid of it!



From a standing position, I can twist the corkscrew into the soil around the weed, and then pull up, popping the weed out of the soil. This works well in the lawn, too!

Just untwist to remove the weed from the tool. I’ll crumble the soil off to show you the root intact on this little booger. Don’t forget to dispose of dandelions you’ve popped so they don’t reseed your landscape! 

Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment or drop me a line if you have any questions!

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