Tidy Your Late Spring Garden in One Simple Step

I'm in the field to show you a quick tip for tidying up your late spring garden. 

When the daffodils have finished blooming they begin their long seasonal decline. As summer approaches, they tend to get floppy and lay over other plants, shading new growth and just looking messy.

Here’s one way to quickly and easily tidy up daffodil leaves. What I like to do is group the leaves up like a sheaf of wheat or a ponytail and fold them over. Then secure them with one of their own leaves.

You might say, “Why not just cut the leaves down, Lara, their season is over.” But daffodils and other bulbs replenish themselves using those post-flowering green leaves. So if you want beautiful blooms next year, don’t cut them back until the green is gone out of them.

I hope you found this tip helpful. Leave a comment or drop me a line. Browse the rest of the Wellspring blog pages for helpful tips and tricks.